Where broken hearts go…

Los Angeles, February 2012
© Denise Aichelburg

 My tribute to Whitney
The city of angels has lost one more angel: Marvellous, stunning singer Whitney Houston has died in her hotel room in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. But the queen of the night has not stopped shining. She will live on in the memories of her millions of fans.

What a loss! Not only for everyone loving music. Even those having no sense of art and music at all, will have to admit that she was one of the the greatest singers of modern times. Her amazingly powerful voice used to make us shiver. Our every woman. However, she was by no means average. As beautiful as her voice and her looks, as tragic and dramatic was her life. Her turbulent relationship to husband Bobby Brown which left her shaken and unbalanced, her daughter being the only solid rock she could cling to, struggling so hard not to drown in the wild stormy waters of drugs, tormenting self-doubts and the yearning for love and fame.  

Rather a glitzy, shimmering lady, she has still died the death of a rock star, as a famous club of singers before her. Killed by a poisonous mix of medical pills and alcohol. Found in the bath tub. Reminds us of Jim Morrison. Like him, she will become an idol. We will always love her!

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